October 22-23, 2020
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First Highlights from 2017 Practitioner Channel Forum

In this month’s video, we share highlight’s from HPC’s 5th annual Practitioner Channel Forum.  Proving product quality and engendering practitioner trust were core themes at this year’s Forum.  Industry experts weigh in on the vital importance of quality and integrity for practitioner-focused brands.

•    Michael D. Levin, Principal, Health Business Strategies:
“Competition will be fought on the battlefield of quality”

•    Erik Goldman, Editor, Holistic Primary Care:
What practitioners consider the most decisive factors when evaluating supplement products for their patients

•    Yadim Medore, Founder, Pure Branding:
“This whole sector is basically undifferentiated. Very few brands really have distinction.”

•    Duffy Mackay, ND, Senior VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition:
Is the practitioner channel truly different? Are professional-only brands immune to the reputation challenges affecting retail?

A Special Report from the Integrative Healthcare Symposium-Update 12

In this week’s video update: A Special Report from the Integrative Healthcare Symposium 2017. TPC Update caught up with integrative medicine thought-leaders to find out what’s on their minds.

•    John Weeks—“Evidence-Based Medicine Denies the Most Fundamental Evidence”

•    Todd LePine, MD--Understanding the “Gut-Heart Connection:” It’s not what you eat…it’s what you feed that really matters

•    Hyla Cass, MD--Preventing & Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease

•    Steven Sisskind, MD-- RealDose Nutrition & the quest for evidence-based supplementation

•    Karen Howard—Organic & Natural Health Association helps practitioners “walk their talk”

………and more!

The Practitioner Channel #11 - January 2017

In this week’s video update: What Can the Natural Products Industry Expect from the Trump Administration?

•    “Repeal & Replace”…..with What?
•    Practitioner Groups Cautiously Optimistic on HSA’s
•    FDA & FTC: Deregulate…at Our Own Risk
•    The Trump-Kennedy Vaccine Bromance
•    Which Will Win: Demographic Trends vs “Alternative Facts”?


The Practitioner Channel UPdate #10 - November 2016

In this week’s video update: Medicine X Brings “Disruptive Co-Creation” to Healthcare

•    Where Does Real HC Innovation Come From?
•    Leveling Medicine’s Hierarchies
•    People, Not “Patients”
•    Why Hippos Make the Best Team Leaders
•    The Gutenberg Smartphone

The Practitioner Channel UPdate #9 - October 2016

In this week’s video update: Restless Regulators Make Rash & Wreckless Moves

•    Making Sense of the FDA’s New NDI Guidance
•    Arrivaderci, Cousin Vinnie-pocetine
•    DEA Bans—then Un-Bans--Kratom
•    FTC Loses its Mind About Brain Training
•    Scientific American Calls Out FDA’s Media Mischief

The Practitioner Channel UPdate - August 18, 2016

In this month's video update:

  • President Barack "Ojama" Publishes His First Medical Paper
  • US Healthcare: the World's Fifth Largest Economy
  • How Healthcare Reform Affects Real World Practitioners
  • The Cost Curve is Bending, But Which Way?
  • Who Will Define the Narrative About Supplements?

The Practitioner Channel UPdate #7 - July 6, 2016

In this week’s video update:
•    Highlights of the NBJ Summit: Continued Growth, Continued Challenges
•    Consumer Confidence Leaves Room for Improvement
•    State Attorneys General Are Quiet….For the Moment
•    Lee Hood, MD: Healthcare’s Future is in the Clouds
•    Harken Hearkens Back to a Kinder Gentler Congress

Plus . . . Kudos to our NBJ Award-winning friends!

The Practitioner Channel UPdate - June 1, 2016

In this week’s video update:
•    Functional Medicine: Big Consumer Demand, Big Practitioner Challenges
•    How many doctors are dispensing supplements?
•    The rising influence of nutritionists & health coaches
•    Oxycontin marketing on trial in Kentucky
•    A Practitioner-only brand makes peace with Amazon retailing