October 22-23, 2020
(Welcome Reception, October 21)
TWA Hotel at JFK Airport | New York City

First Highlights from 2017 Practitioner Channel Forum

In this month’s video, we share highlight’s from HPC’s 5th annual Practitioner Channel Forum.  Proving product quality and engendering practitioner trust were core themes at this year’s Forum.  Industry experts weigh in on the vital importance of quality and integrity for practitioner-focused brands.

•    Michael D. Levin, Principal, Health Business Strategies:
“Competition will be fought on the battlefield of quality”

•    Erik Goldman, Editor, Holistic Primary Care:
What practitioners consider the most decisive factors when evaluating supplement products for their patients

•    Yadim Medore, Founder, Pure Branding:
“This whole sector is basically undifferentiated. Very few brands really have distinction.”

•    Duffy Mackay, ND, Senior VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition:
Is the practitioner channel truly different? Are professional-only brands immune to the reputation challenges affecting retail?