October 22-23, 2020
(Welcome Reception, October 21)
TWA Hotel at JFK Airport | New York City

About The Practitioner Channel Forum

The Practitioner Channel Forum, is Holistic Primary Care’s annual summit for executives who run natural products companies doing business primarily in the practitioner channel.


Now in its eighth year, the event provides incisive content and strategic insight on the opportunities and challenges in this unique segment of the natural products industry.

TPCF draws executives from leading finished product brands, and branded ingredient companies, as well as key opinion leading practitioners from the holistic and functional medicine fields.

TPC Forum “gives us insight into the industry that we just can’t get anywhere else. You’ve got data about the functional medicine and the practitioner market that is really important to us. It’s a special group of people representing all the practitioner brands, and the collaboration is really great.” ---Tony Genna, VP of Sales, Klaire Labs

The 2020 Forum, will be held on October 22-23 (welcome reception on October 21) at the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport in New York City, and coincides with HPC’s 20th anniversary.

The Practitioner Channel Forum 2019 Featured Topics

  • 20/20 Vision: The Past, Present, and Future of Holistic, Functional, and Integrative Medicine
  • Is the Nutrition Industry Ready for Mainstream Medicine (and Is the Mainstream Ready for Us)?
  • Personalization vs Standardization in the Practitioner Supplement Space
  • Communication Strategies That Connect With Dr. Future
  • Collaborative Practice Models for the Future of Integrative Care
  • Digital Survival Strategies in the Google Era
  • Doctors & Info Tech: Effective Communication with Today’s Practitioners
  • The Future of Holistic/Functional Medical Education
  • Legal & Regulatory Update
  • Defining & Ensuring Supplement Quality in the Practitioner Channel
  • HPC’s 2020 Practitioner Survey

          And Much More!

Who Should Attend?

  • C-level Executives, proprietors & business development professionals
  • Marketing & sales executives
  • Product developers & medical officers
  • Professionals seeking effective strategies for developing and marketing health products & services to and through health practitioners.

“I came for the legal and regulatory panel and there were a lot of learnings…things I could have paid outside attorneys to tell me for much more than it would’ve cost to come to this event. The format was lovely. We got to hear from leaders in the industry, and hear them on a whole different level.”--Bethany Davis, Director of Advocacy & Gov't Relations, MegaFood/Innate Response

The Benefits of Attending

  • Get an edge on competitors with the first presentation of data from HPC's 2020
  • Learn from nationally recognized experts & thought leaders
  • Explore real-world practitioner channel success stories
  • Understand & master the unique legal and regulatory challenges
  • Network with potential channel partners