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The Practitioner Channel UPDATE - May 9, 2016

• Will the practitioner channel be the next regulatory target?
• The Doctor – DSHEA Disconnect
• Beyond Structure-Function: How an obscure medical device rule might open doors to broader claims
• States challenge mandates for physician board specialty certification
• Pediatrics journal: Don’t Call Breastfeeding “Natural”

And.......Dates for the 2017 Practitioner Channel Forum!

The Practitioner Channel UPDATE - March 30, 2016

In this week’s video update:

•    US Attorney Gen’l Says “See Your Doctor” About Supplements
•    Top Three Conditions for Which Doctors Recommend Supplements
•    Industry Attitudes on Quality Standards
•    How Often are Nutraceutical Companies Audited?
•    “Personalized Medicine” Proves Challenging for Formulators

The Practitioner Channel UPDATE - March 22, 2016

FDA's new "sherriff" Dr. Robert Califf; Why pro brands are not immune to regulatory scrutiny; Where the leading Presidential candidates stand on natural medicine; FDA's new glyphosate testing mandate; AMA's push to ban consumer drug ads, and more!

The Practitioner Channel UPDATE - March 3, 2016

Should Americans with Health Savings Accounts be allowed to use those pre-tax dollars to buy supplements? Senator Orrin Hatch, the industry's strongest Congressional ally, thinks so. With wide support from the industry, Hatch has introduced legislation that would widen the definition of medical goods & services covered under HSAs. One thing that definitely won't be included is CBD. The FDA's recent ruling on cannibidiol bars the substance from being sold as a dietary supplement. PLUS....New opportunities for the nutrition industry in the fast-growing Corporate Wellness sector; Physician attitudes about Organics & GMOs; and more

The Practitioner Channel UPDATE - February 2016

Holistic Primary Care Lanches  The Practitioner Channel Update. - a monthly round-up of important insights into The Practitioner Channel.

Erik shares information on the newly limplemented Functional Medicine Center at the Cleveland Clinic.  Demand for this care has been so overwhemling, they are doubling the size of the center and expanding staff.  How many docs dispensing supplements are conventionally trained?  What about those health coaches?  How is the Internet affecting medical research?Tune in and learn more.

Robert Craven: Excerpts from his 2015 TPCF Talk

Robert U. Craven:  CEO of the popular MegaFoods line as well as the professional-only Innate Response brand, Robert Craven has been integral in building strong values-based brands in both the consumer segment and practitioner channels.

Hear excerpts on how Craven and his team balanced the demands of consumer and practitioner brands, ensured that all of FoodState's lines aligned with the company's core principles, and created real value for customers and investors alike.