May 30-31, 2018
Hyde Resort | Hollywood, FL

2017 Agenda

2018 Confirmed Speakers !

Ivan Wasserman,  Partner, Amin Talaty Upadhye,
Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Practitioner Channel

Mark Blumenthal, Founder, American Botanical Council
New Initiatives for Improving Quality of Botanical Raw Materials

Jill Carnahan, MD, Flatiron Functional Medicine
The Role of Dietary Supplements & Nutrition in Today’s Functional Medicine Practice

Robert G Silverman, DC, Founder, Westchester Integrative Health
Unmet Clinical Needs & New Opportunities for Practitioner Channel Brands

Josh Whitehurst, CEO, Housecall Telemedicine
“MACRA-Economics;” How Payment Reform is Reshaping  US Healthcare

Tapping Social Media for Healthcare Marketing

Juliana Erickson, Senior Marketing Manager, Lonza – Capsugel
Signals from the SORD Study: What the Consumer Market Can Teach the Practitioner Channel

Erik Goldman, Editor/Co-Founder, Holistic Primary Care
The Impending Healthcare Shake-Up

Insights from Holistic Primary Care’s 2018 Practitioner Survey

And much more!

 2018 Full Speaker List and Agenda Coming Soon!


2017 PROGRAM -

What's the Prognosis for The Practitioner Channel?


WED April 26, 2017

2:00 PM: Welcome & Opening Remarks
Meg Sinclair, Publisher, Holistic Primary Care

SESSION ONE: State of the Practitioner Channel

An in-depth look at the trends shaping healthcare, the evolution of practitioner engagement with supplements & nutrition-based medicine, and the dynamic relationship between practitioners and their patients.

Erik Goldman, Editor, Holistic Primary Care  
The Changing Landscape of American Healthcare: Unprecedented economic, political, technological and demographic forces are converging to radically alter all aspects of healthcare in the US. A look at these trends & their implications for the nutrition & dietary supplements industry.

Missy Lowery, Marketing Manager, Capsugel:
Reading the Road Signs: What the SORD Data Tell Us About the Future of the Practitioner Channel                 
Consumers’ unmet health needs are a major factor influencing the evolution of holistic & integrative medicine. The Supplements/OTC/RX Database (SORD) offers insight on consumer engagement & offers clues for future opportunities in the practitioner channel.


SESSION TWO 4:30 - 6:00 PM:  Quantifying the Practitioner Channel

Rick Polito, Editor, Nutrition Business Journal:
Mapping the Practitioner Channel: Highlights from the Nutrition Business Journal Practitioner Survey
How big is the practitioner segment? How do various practitioner types differ in implementation of nutritional medicine? Where are the growth opportunities. NBJ’s brand new practitioner survey provides insight.

Erik Goldman, Editor, Holistic Primary Care  
FIRST LOOK! Highlights from HPC’s 2017 Practitioner Survey:
Now in it’s 7th year, HPC’s survey is the most comprehensive ongoing research on practitioner engagement with nutrition, supplements, health tech, and media. This year’s report spotlights clinician views on quality.

Roundtable Q & A

7:00: Cocktail Reception & Dinner (Sponsored by Capsugel)





THURS April 27, 2017

7:00 - 8 AM: BREAKFAST (Sponsored By Glanbia Nutritionals)

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SESSION THREE 8:00 - 10:30: The Regulatory Prognosis—What to Expect at the Federal & State Levels

The new administration has expressed anti-pharma sentiments and an anti-regulatory, pro-business bent. That might seem like good news, but could ultimately be corrosive to an industry that already has a bad rep—especially if state AGs decide to pick up the regulatory slack. A look at key regulatory issues and how they’re playing out in the practitioner space.

Todd Harrison, Esq: Partner, Venable LLC
Legal & Regulatory Update: the View from Washington DC

Douglas “Duffy” Mackay, ND: Sr. VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition
What the Supplements Industry Can Expect from Federal & State Regulators


10:30: REFRESHMENTS & NETWORKING BREAK  (Sponsored By Glanbia Nutritionals)

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SESSION FOUR 11:00-1:00 PM:  Determining & Demonstrating Quality in the Practitioner Channel

Top quality is a cornerstone of the practitioner brand value proposition. But do manufacturers & practitioners see eye-to-eye on the meaning “quality?” Is there a role for practitioners in the quality assurance & quality communication process?

Michael Levin: Founder, Health Business Strategies
Toward a Consensus on Quality in the Practitioner Channel
A veteran industry consultant, Levin will outline his recent efforts to rally key integrative practitioner groups around a clear set of quality criteria & share his experience establishing supplement formularies in hospital settings.

Steve Holmes: Former Director of Regulatory Affairs, Metagenics
Communicating Quality & Efficacy to Clinicians:
Practitioners demand and expect two things: quality and efficacy. Saying your products measure up is one thing; showing it is another.

Roundtable Q & A


1PM-2:15: LUNCH

SESSION FIVE 2:30-4:00 PM:  Practitioner Perspectives

What do practitioners really want from supplements and natural products? What determines their decisions? What are their greatest challenges & unmet needs? An opportunity to learn directly from leading practitioners of functional, naturopathic & holistic medicine.

Bridget Briggs, MD:
Personalized Medicine & Nutrigenomics in Real World Practice
There’s a lot of hype—and hope—around the concepts of “personalized medicine” and genomics. Dr. Briggs—a successful functional medicine physician—shares her perspective and separates the real opportunities from the hype.

Bryan Glick, DO:
Deciding to Dispense - How Clinicians Make Decisions About Supplements: Dr. Glick, who runs a thriving functional medicine practice in Arizona shares insight into how clinicians view and vet the supplements they choose to dispense.


SESSION SIX 4:30-6:30:  Keynote Presentation  

Joe Pizzorno, ND: The Toxicity Epidemic: Opportunities & Challenges for the Nutraceuticals Industry
As detailed in his most recent book, naturopathic pioneer Joe Pizzorno sees food-, water-, and airborne toxins as the primary drivers of the nation’s chronic disease epidemics. The nutrition & supplements industry have wide-open opportunities to be part of the solution. But too often they’re part of the problem.

Practitioner Roundtable Q&A: Drs. Briggs, Glick, & Pizzorno

Book Signing: Dr. Pizzorno will be on hand after this session to sign copies of his brand new book: The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food & Products are Destroying Our Health…and What We Can Do About It




FRI April 28, 2017

7:00  - 8 AM BREAKFAST:

SESSION SEVEN: 8:00-10:30 AM:  Improving Communication Between Practitioners & Patients

Yadim Medore, Founder, Pure Branding:
Media & Medicine: Effective Strategies for Clinical Communication

Adam R. Lefton, MBA, Co-Founder Empowered Patient
Former VP of Brand Stategy, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
The Empowered Patient Movement: How to Leverage it for Practitioner Channel Success:
Technology is putting unprecedented power in the hands of proactive, self-directed patients.Many of these people use supplements and seek natural alternatives. But they’re also strongly engaged in self-directed care and averse to visiting doctors and clinics. This creates a unique paradox for practitioner brands---a highly motivated customer cohort is leapfrogging the very clinics where they would access professional product lines! Learn practical strategies for brand positioning to engage the growing wave of tech-savvy patients.



11:00-1:00  Closing Session - Ensuring the Future of the Practitioner Channel

Michael Levin: Founder, Health Business Strategies
How Practitioner Companies Can Leverage "Part 117" of the Food Safety Modernization Act

Like it or not, FSMA is becoming a reality and for practitioner-focused brands it actually provides new tools for product differentiation and for combatting the "price" objection. Learn how to utilize Part 117 to inspire trust and increase brand equity.

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: What's the Prognosis for the Practitioner Channel?

The practitioner segment of the supplement & nutrition industries has shown robust growth over the last decade. But in a rapidly changing healthcare environment, indefinite success is not guaranteed.  In this facilitated discussion session, speakers & attendees weigh in on what the Practitioner Channel will need in order to survive & thrive.